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WINNIPEG – December 2020 MLS® sales of 970 elevated year-end total sales to 16,033, a 17% increase over 2019.  This year has been a remarkable record-setting one with 7 consecutive months of new highs. December continues this record with sales up 44% over December 2019 and 41% over the 5-year average.

December dollar volume of nearly $290 million increased 46% over December 2019 and pushed dollar volume up to over $4.9 billion, a 21% increase over the previous highest dollar volume year of 2019.

For all of the record sales activity the last 7 months, active listings or inventory going into 2021 is down 38% to 2,316 listings. Residential-attached properties (include single-attached, townhouse and duplexes) help illustrate this point.

In December, the 90 residential-attached sales transacted doubled last year's total and represented 90% of the supply at month end of 100 listings.  While not to the same extent, the impressive residential-detached and condominium sales activity were equivalent to 66% and 35% of remaining inventory respectively.

“While total listings entered on MLS® ended up being down less than 9% in 2020, it was months like December where listing supply was easily outstripped by accelerated buyer demand," said Catherine Schellenberg, outgoing 2020 President for WinnipegREALTORS®. “Listings never had a chance to catch up after falling behind earlier in the year."

One of the best examples of what happened in 2020 is in the Waverley West MLS® area. It had a significant decrease in condominium listings in 2020 (117 versus 188 in 2019) yet recorded 69 sales in both years. Similarly, Waverley West's residential-detached sales overcame a 10% drop in listings to end up with a 32% increase in sales compared to 2019.

Last year also showed how not all MLS® areas behave the same. Proof of that is how the rural MLS® areas outside Winnipeg were the primary reason for the double-digit percentage increase in MLS® sales in 2020. Sales in rural municipalities were up 40% compared to Winnipeg's 7% increase.  The two rural frontrunners are Steinbach and Morden/Winkler with 881 and 697 sales respectively. The most active MLS® area in Winnipeg is Waverley West at 607 sales.

The 37% increase in rural residential-detached sales was bumped up a few more percentage points because of the 72% jump in vacant land sales (861) which occurred largely outside Winnipeg and a 24% rise in resort property sales (142).

As a result, rural municipalities' total MLS® market share went from 30% in 2019 to 36% in 2020 and represents 57% of Winnipeg's MLS® sales.

“One of the impacts of COVID-19 was a quest for more space and it is clear rural municipalities were beneficiaries of being a place with space," said Schellenberg.

Looking north to cottage country in three MLS® areas that encompass lake communities such as Gimli, Winnipeg Beach, Grand Marais, Victoria Beach, and Lac du Bonnet, MLS® sales went up 67% from 507 in 2019 to 848 in 2020.

As for prices, the residential-detached average sales price increased 5% from $324,122 to $341,175. Condominiums went up less than 1% from $238,088 to $240,060. With respect to the different MLS® zones within Winnipeg and the rural municipalities, the southwest zone saw the biggest average residential-detached sales price increase at 8%. It is also the highest at $460,301. Helping reach this new level were 45 million dollar plus sales with one home selling for $3,750,000 in Tuxedo.

Higher average residential-detached price increases were driven by more sales activity in higher price ranges in 2020 than ever seen before. For the first time, the $300,000 to $349,999 price range equaled the usual dominant one of $250,000 to $299,999 at 17% of total market share. Moreover, sales under $300,000 only edged 2019 by 2% yet ones above this price point level vaulted 31%.

The $500,000 to $749,999 price range stood out through the 7-month record sales run. It went over 1,000 sales for the first time in 2020 and showed a 49% increase over 2019.

Condominium sales remained most active in the $150,000 to $199,999 price range at 25% of total market share with the second highest at 20% of sales being the next higher price range from $200,000 to $249,999.  Sales were actually lower for condominiums over $500,000 than in 2019.

“2020 was a year where Manitobans were determined to make their home of utmost priority and that came in ways where it often meant more functional space and different amenities to satisfy their ne

“I am proud of how our REALTOR® Members and the industry as a whole responded to all of the health measures and protocols by adopting new and safer approaches to make 2020 the best year on record," said Marina R. James, CEO of WinnipegREALTORS®.

For a recap and insights on the local market and what lies ahead in 2021, WinnipegREALTORS® is proud to be hosting its Market Insights event on Wednesday, February 3rd. The informative virtual event will shed more light and details on what can be expected to happen in the local housing and commercial market in 2021. Headlining the event and presenting a national perspective is Canadian Real Estate Association's Senior Economist Shaun Cathcart.  Media interested in attending this event, can contact to register.


WINNIPEG – Six consecutive months of record monthly sales have pushed year-to-date sales over 15,000 for the first time. This total is over 2,000 sales greater than the 11 months of MLS® market activity in 2019. November sales of 1,193 were up 32% over the same month in 2019. Up until 2020, 900 sales has been the upper limit of this month.

New listings coming on the market in November are down 12% compared to a very active listing month in November 2019. Inventory or current listing supply going into December is 3,136. There were over 5,000 listings available for sale at this time last year.

Year-to-date sales of 15,066 are up 16% over the same period last year while dollar volume of $4.6 billion is ahead of 2019 by 19%. There are 22,646 listings entered on MLS® this year, down 9% from the number of listings entered last year up until the end of November.

“Momentum for real estate purchases has clearly taken hold of our local market this year once buyers determined that their current home was no longer suitable for their changing preferences," said WinnipegREALTORS® president Catherine Schellenberg.

“The incredibly low mortgage rate environment this year is enabling buyers to move into a new living arrangement," she added.

In a month and year like no other, some numbers really stood out in November beyond pushing WinnipegREALTORS® to a new all-time milestone level of 15,000 sales.

The November average residential-detached sales price of $358,465 was up 10% over the same month last year.

Sales this month were particularly elevated in the higher price ranges with sales over $500,000 really standing out. The 123 sales over $500,000 were close to double the 65 which sold the same month last year.

There were 14 sales over $1 million with southwest Winnipeg having 10 of them. Southwest Winnipeg's average monthly residential-detached sales price was close to half a million dollars at $495,000. Meanwhile in November southeast Winnipeg climbed to a high of $420,000 and rural sales averaged $340,000.

95% of the equivalent number of new residential-detached listings entered in November sold while the ratio of sales price to list price for this property type was at 100%. This percentage signals an overall market equilibrium between sellers and buyers though many listings are still selling for above list price - 32% in November.

Many MLS® areas within Winnipeg and the R.M. of Tache had more residential-detached sales than what listings remained available for sale at the end of November. Two to note are Windsor Park with only one listing available when there were 7 sales, and 2 listings available in Garden City with 9 sales in November.

“Residential-detached listings are in short supply based on current demand in many Winnipeg neighbourhoods," said Schellenberg.

Schellenberg added, “Strong condominium sales activity the last few months, including November, is putting more pressure on listings, too. However, supply remains in better shape with 4 months of listings available compared to 1.6 months for residential-detached."

Speaking of property types, the real stand-out this year is vacant lots with the 84 sales in November increasing 180% over November 2019. Year-to-date sales are up 69.7%.

“The huge year-over-year increase in vacant lot sales in 2020 is largely a rural phenomenon as there are much fewer listings in comparison for sale in Winnipeg," said Schellenberg. “Of the 84 lots sold in November, only 5 were located in Winnipeg."

Heading into the final month of 2020, Schellenberg stresses, “We as an organization are remaining vigilant by reminding our REALTORS® to follow all the public health protocols and adopt a myriad of practices to keep everyone safe from COVID-19," said Schellenberg.

“REALTORS® are adapting to new ways of conducting business during these times," said Marina R. James, CEO of WinnipegREALTORS®. “They understand change and will continue to serve as professionals to help buyers and sellers meet their current and future real estate needs.


WINNIPEG – Five consecutive months of record-setting market activity puts an exclamation mark on a year like no other. As a result, the v-shaped recovery from the early spring economic shut-down, which began in earnest in June, brings year-to-date results to a record total of 13,876 sales.

Sales have risen 15% over the same period in 2019 and are ahead of the 13,662 annual total sales record set last year. Similarly, year-to-date dollar volume of $4.24 billion is up 18% over the same period in 2019, and higher than last year's record dollar volume of $4.06 billion.

October sales of 1,595 increased 36% over October 2019 and dollar volume of $505.3 million eclipsed last October's total by 48%. New listings of 1,786 entered in October were actually down 8.8% in comparison to October 2019. The 3,545 listings available for sale in November have declined 35% from the same time in 2019.

“Delayed spring 2019 market sales has more than made up for in the last few months with brisk sales activity, “said Catherine Schellenberg, president of WinnipegREALTORS®. “Listings on the other hand, have been less so as a consequence sellers' market conditions prevail."

Backing up a survey WinnipegREALTORS® and the Manitoba Real Estate Association conducted with Probe Research in June which indicated strong buyer interest in purchasing a home despite COVID-19, are two recent national surveys by Nanos Research Group and the Mortgage Professional Association (MPA).

Nanos weekly survey indicates 45% of Canadians believe values of homes in their neighbourhood will go up over the next six months while only 13% said they will go down. The MPA survey of 1,000 Canadians conducted between September 25 to October 8 show 90% of Canadians are happy with the purchase of their home with only 2% expressing complete regrets. In this same MPC report, the percentage of people who never expect to own a home dropped in half compared to the end of 2019.

A local indicator of how robust buyer sentiment is in October is called the sales to new listings ratio. A 60% to 70% ratio would be considered very good whereas this October it was 89% for all MLS® sales and an amazing 99% for single family homes. Moreover, 72% of the equivalent number of single family listings on the market at the beginning of October sold.

“Homes in particular have become so sought after since the pandemic took hold." said Schellenberg. “Condominiums have performed well with 201 sales in October and year-to-date activity now surpassing last year."

Both single family homes and condominiums experienced increases over 10% in average sale price compared to the same month last year. While it is more common to see a home sell over a $1 million, in October we saw a downtown condominium sell for $1,150,000.

As the third busiest property type with 708 sales this year, vacant land represents over 5% of total MLS® sales and continues its incredible percentage increases over last year with a 124% rise in October and 63% year-to-date.

Schellenberg emphasized, “REALTORS® have adopted important measures to ensure the safety of you and your family with safe showing practices, including virtual showings, digital signatures and scheduled open houses to assist buyers and sellers navigate the real estate process safely and professionally."

“Your REALTOR® is professional and informed," said Marina R. James. “They know the market and will provide you with expert advice on how best to buy or sell based on current situation."


WINNIPEG - September MLS® sales reaching an all-time high of 1,777 for this month compared to 1,211 in 2019 indicates the resurgence of sales since June continues throughout the third quarter.

Sales dollar volume in September of over half a billion dollars rose 57% compared to September 2019. The higher percentage increase in dollar volume compared to the 47% gain in sales is an indicator of upward pressure on prices. This is due to the accelerated sales activity and the rapid depletion of listings.

Active listings at the end of September are down 34% from 6,012 in 2019 to current inventory of 3,942.

“We are witnessing unprecedented times and certainly our third quarter sales activity of over 5,500 sales is unrivalled from any previous quarter in WinnipegREALTORS® history," said Catherine Schellenberg, president of WinnipegREALTORS®. “For comparison sake, last year's third quarter performed exceptionally well and there were fewer than 4,100 sales."

As a result of another robust month of MLS® sales, year-to-date sales activity of 12,286 is up nearly 13% over the same period in 2019. MLS® dollar volume for the first nine months increased 15% to over $3.7 billion in comparison to last year. The 19,493 listings entered on the MLS® this year are down less than 9% from the same period in 2019.

“As much as we have witnessed a shortage of listings, this can be attributed to the strong pace and growth in demand for property the last four months," said Schellenberg. “Similar to a store owner, we have not been able to stock the shelves fast enough to keep up with a spike in demand in a number of sought after neigbourhoods and municipalities within our market region."

Proof of demand outstripping supply or at least making it necessary for residential-detached listings to be replenished were experienced in Winnipeg neighbourhoods including Norwood Flats, Riverview, Lord Roberts, Fort Richmond, Waverley Heights, St. Norbert, Whyte Ridge, St. Vital, River Park South, Windsor Park, East Kildonan, North Kildonan, Kildonan Estates, Mission Gardens, Amber Trails, Garden City, Maples, Tyndall Park, Woodhaven, Westwood and Crestview.  Some rural municipalities that were seeing higher conversions of their inventory were the City of Selkirk and the RMs of Ritchot, Rockwood, Woodlands and West St. Paul.

In the last few months condo market sales have been strong. Condo sales in September helped reduce the sizable deficit built up earlier in year compared to the same period last year to less than 3% at the end of this month.

Given price pressures the average residential-detached sales price in September was $352,010, an 11% increase over September 2019. This can be explained by the wide differences in sales in price ranges above $300,000. For example, the $300,000 to $349,999 price range has edged out the $250,000 to $299,999 range which has been the perennial leader.

The one price range to show the largest percentage gain over last year is from $350,000 to $399,999 with a 114% increase over September 2019. Higher end sales above $500,000 were brisk with the highest selling for $3,750,000.

“We are seeing first-time home buyers having to go above $300,000 in their offer to acquire a home they may have been able to purchase under this benchmark level last year," said Schellenberg.

Other MLS® property types exceeded market expectations in September with vacant lots up 179%, townhouses increasing 150%, mobile homes ahead by 86% and single-attached rising 58%.

“REALTORS® know the market and it is in your best interest to work with one to become familiar with the ebb and flow of listings, sales and pricing," said Marina R. James, CEO of WinnipegREALTORS®.


WinnipegREALTORS® August Real Estate Market Release - Recovery in sales since June has turned into a strong resurgence in MLS® market activity with August registering 1,845 sales, the third straight month of 1,800 plus sales.  Sales in August are up 28% over August 2019 and the five-year average for this month.

Listings however have not rebounded with the same vigour.  The 2,374 new listings entered on the market in August are down 1% from last August and dropped 9% in July when compared to the same month in 2019.   As a result, it leaves the current inventory of 4,232 listings down 30% from the same time last year. The number of sales in August represents 44% of the current inventory whereas last August it was 24%.

“Following three months of overall heightened sales activity we are not seeing the same response with listings coming on the market," said Catherine Schellenberg, president of WinnipegREALTORS®. “The impact is a shortage of listings for eager buyers and increased situations where multiple offers and bidding wars are occurring."

Year-to-date sales which were running a deficit at the end of May of 8% are now up the same percentage at the end of August. There are 10,511 sales compared to 9,702 last year. Listings entered this year to the end of August are 17,208, off more than 9% from the 18,962 in 2019. Dollar volume of close to $3.2 billion has increased 10% in comparison to last year.

With high turnover of listings to sales this year, especially in the last three months, overall listing inventory shows a tilt in the current market to favour sellers.  The high turnover of listings converting to sales this year, especially in the last three months, is creating a real lack of supply in available listings for buyers at this present time. Most affected are residential-detached  properties  with only one and one-half months of supply based on the current sales pace. Condos are in a more balanced position at 4 months.

In terms of specific MLS® property type sales activity for the busiest August on record, residential-detached sales increased nearly 31% while condos edged ahead by 7%. The third most active property type at 98 sales was vacant land - a 66% increase over August 2019.

Similar to July 2020, there were close to one out of three residential-detached listings selling for above list price. Number of sales equated to 67% of the entire inventory and 86% of the new listings entered in August.

The most active price range for the second month in a row is $300,000 to $349,999 at over 16% of total sales with the $250,000 to $299,999 just five sales behind and the $350,000 to $399,999 close at 14%.

When you compare sales under and over $300,000 to August 2019, the major gains are in the upper end of the housing price spectrum.  This indicates real strength in the move-up market.  Where the percentage gain in sales for houses selling under $300,000 is 5%, and only a difference of 26 sales, for over $300,000, the percentage increase is a whopping 57% with 787 sales compared to 502.

The upper end of the residential-detached market was punctuated with the highest sale price ever at $3.9 million. The previous record was set last month at $2.8 million. Not surprisingly, with this move up to more spacious and expensive homes, the average square footage for a home sold in August was just under 1,400 square feet compared to 1,313 square feet in August 2019.

Condominiums were most active in the $150,000 to $199,999 price range with one in four sales, however the next three higher price ranges up to $349,999 all exhibited strong activity with another 44% of total sales. One condo sold for just over $1 million.

“A work from home trend is changing the way one thinks about the kind and extent of space and has definitely garnered more thought and attention," said Schellenberg. “This coupled with historically low mortgage rates are motivating factors for a number of sellers and buyers to make a change during this pandemic."

 “Unprecedented times call for experts who can help you navigate safely and seamlessly through the home buying and selling process," said Marina R.  James, CEO of WinnipegREALTORS®.  “REALTORS® are there to advise you on all aspects of our ever changing real estate market.


WINNIPEG — On record for the first time, WinnipegREALTORS® market region experienced consecutive months for top monthly MLS® sales. July MLS® sales are 1,898 compared to 1,897 in June which outpaced the previous record month in May 2019 of 1,705 sales.

July 2020 MLS® sales are up 32% over July 2019 while dollar volume ($596.1 million) is up 36% over July 2019. Year-to-date MLS® sales of 8,672 is 5% ahead of the same period last year and the dollar volume reached $2.61 billion in the first 7 months or a 7% increase over last year.

“We are witnessing a very different market this year, with the record month in July bringing us beyond our year-to-date sales in 2019," said Catherine Schellenberg, president of WinnipegREALTORS®. “While WinnipegREALTORS® forecasted another strong year following a successful 2019 with an expanded rural area, we did not expect such a significant recovery from the drop off in April and May sales activity due to the economic shutdown."

MLS® listings on the other hand, have not had the same v-shaped recovery as sales in the last two months. They have a bigger deficit to bounce back from, given the drop off in April (-42%) and May (-21%). In July, new listings entered on the MLS® were down 9% from July 2019 (down 10.9% year-to-date) leaving current inventory heading into August at 4,408, or a 27% decrease from 2019 and 15% from the 5-year average at this time of year.

“Less inventory suggests sellers have been reluctant to participate in our real estate market as opposed to buyers, which has created inventory shortages in a number of MLS® areas," said Schellenberg. “This market change has resulted in multiple offer situations," said Schellenberg.

Over 31% of single family detached home sales in July sold for over list price – nearly doubling the percentage of above list price sales in July 2019. July's demand for all single family detached listings was brisk with total sales volume close to equaling total listing volume.

July single family home sales equaled 88% of the new single-family listings entered this month. The single family homes sales-to-listings ratio for the first 7 months is 65% or 10 percentage points higher for the same period last year.

Single family is singled out as this leading MLS® property type with almost a 73% market share achieved its highest monthly July sales total.  With 1,374 sales and a 65/35 split between Winnipeg and outlying rural areas, the dollar volume total of $485 million puts the year-to-date dollar volume to over $2 billion for the first 7 months of this year.

Another first in our market is the most active price range moved up to the $300,000 to $349,999 with nearly 18% of total sales, replacing the $250,000 to $299,999 range which had 15.5% share of total sales.  The third most active price range was from $350,000 to $399,999 at 13%.

Helping push the average single family home price of $353,450 up 9% from July 2019 is the 7 million dollar plus in sales. Contributing to this, was a premium luxury home which sold for $2.9 million, the highest price recorded on WinnipegREALTORS® MLS® market region.

For July, condos did not have the highest average sales this year, however the 223 sales reduced the year-to-date decline from 18% last month to 10% at the end of July.  Nearly 65% of condos sold in three price ranges from $150,000 to $299,999.

Other property types outpacing 2019 sales are resort properties, vacant lots and vacant lots with buildings. Their respective year-to-date increases over 2019 in July are 57%, 38% and 73%.

“Our local market continues to show a strong recovery with buyers taking advantage of historically low interest rates and some of the most affordable house prices in the country," said Schellenberg. “The shift to a tighter housing market means more potential multiple offer situations so you need to be working closely with your REALTOR®."

“REALTORS® are professional and informed," said Marina R. James, CEO of WinnipegREALTORS®.  “Your REALTOR® operates in an ever-changing real estate industry with new technology, regulatory changes and most importantly, market conditions. REALTORS® know the local market and can help their clients through the buying and selling process."